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Published on Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Globalshop Exhibitors - Don’t Forget the Basics of Trade Show Event Marketing

Today I’m on my way back from Globalshop, the annual U.S. version of the Euroshop Retail Trade Show (which occurs only every 3 years in Dusseldorf, Germany).  Globalshop is considerably smaller than the 17 show halls featured at Euroshop.  But if you’re looking for anything relative to space design, fixturing and retail marketing environments, then Globalshop is the place to be.  This is a whole new world for me,  but I was there looking for accessory lighting treatments and other items that could supplement our trade show display designs.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much there that applies to event marketing, trade show display design and face-to-face marketing.

What I did notice is what I see at virtually every trade show I attend. Namely, poor booth staff behavior.  Once again, I freely walked down aisle after aisle totally undisturbed by booth staff who were content to look at their cell phones, talk to their colleagues and otherwise ignore attendees.  If they were paying for the trade show space and expenses, do you think they would be so cavalier?  If it costs them $500/hour to stand there would they have looked bored or desperate?  I think the second!  What is the answer? 


Well, first of all, trade show booth staff training should be required.  A well trained booth staff will definitely increase the trade show ROI.  A staff that is trained to engage trade show attendees and utilize a well planned lead management system will certainly bring in more leads and more business.  You can also incentivize the trade show booth staff to bring in more qualified leads with contests (an upgraded room for the winner?) or penalize them for failing to bring in good results from the show (they don’t get to go the show next year…maybe they would see that as a reward!). 


It’s hard to believe that so many companies invest so much in trade show exhibiting and neglect this very important piece of the event marketing puzzle.  If you are interested in information on training your trade show booth staff, give us a call.  We offer complete face-to-face marketing services and would love to assist you.
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Author: Glenn Diehl

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